Dutch Yacht Registration online
We register a broad range of vessels under the Dutch flag. View our video

  • Register now and pay with ease later!
  • Valid in all EU waters
  • Suitable for non EU yacht owners
  • Simple cheap and fast
  • No yacht tax or inspections required
  • Ready within 5 days!

  • Register now and pay with ease later!
  • Complete radio license with MMSI package
  • Arranged within 24 hours
  • For VHF, AIS, radar and EPIRB equipment
  • Simple request
  • Includes call sign, AIS and MMSI number

  • All-in yacht registration
  • Valid world wide
  • Microdots for theft protection can be added optionally
  • Dutch registry certificate
  1. Low set-up fee: €350 only

    Registration of your boat or yacht is cheap. Dutch Yacht Registration takes care of the enitre registration for just: €350. No hidden fees! Dutch Yacht Registration for EU includes: a valid registration certificate, government taxes, our advice, services charges, and a Dutch domicile address (if needed).

  2. Register your boat online without a Dutch Nationality

    We provide worldwide ship registration services to the citizens of non-Europe countries, too. Everyone can apply for registration of a boat or yacht under Dutch Flag because we provide you a Dutch domicile if needed.

  3. Fast and Efficient Procedure

    Dutch Yacht Registration completes the entire registration process in 3 to 5 working days. We deliver the documents to you by overnight courier at your business or home address.

  4. No Complicated Requirements

    Dutch Yacht Registration offers simple and straight forward registration process. The moment you apply, we start the registration. and do not require inspection of the boat. Moreover, we require minimal boat equipment for eligibility.

  5. Accepted in all EU Countries

    Registered vessels do not face any legal issues when they enter the waters of other EU countries. All the European Union countries accept our registration authority and you will not face any problems. Our Dutch Yacht Registration for EU is even valid in many regions outside the EU!

  6. Hassle-Free Boat Registration

    Dutch Yacht Registration offers hassle-free registration of your yacht or boat under the Dutch Flag. Just provide us a copy of your passport and a copy of boat purchase receipt or any other proof of your ownership and leave the rest to us.

  7. Suitable for many types of vessels

    We register boats of any size, sailing and motor yachts, jet skis, canoes and water scooters.

  8. No Maritime restrictions

    Sail anywhere! There are NO restrictions on were or how far out of the coast you sail.

  9. Well reconized

    Thousands of people have already successfully registered their boat or yacht with us, and our satisfaction rate is outstanding. What are you waiting for? Get your Dutch Yacht Registration today!

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Dutch Yacht Registration Online
April 9, 2019