Dutch Yacht Registration for EU

Benifits of our EU yacht registration service are:

  • Register now and pay with ease later!
  • Valid in all EU waters
  • Suitable for non EU yacht owners
  • Simple cheap and fast
  • No yacht tax or inspections required
  • Ready within 5 days!

The Dutch Yacht Registration for EU service ensures that your yacht is properly registered with the Dutch ministry of infrastructure and environment. However, it does not include registration in the land register (cadastre).

Our services

We register all type of boats. Our work is professional, quick, and we offer highest level of customer care. We will complete for you the process of registration from the start till end. We have fixed partners for carrying Dutch Yacht Registration services efficiently.

How international boat owners benefit from us?

No problem if you do not own an EU passport. We can complete a Dutch Registration for EU using a UK Limited company for you. This English company will be the owner of your boat and you will be the shareholder and director of this Limited company. The cost of the UK Limited setup for the first year are €350 and after this it will be €250 every year.

Dutch domicile

International boat owners can face the problem of not having a Dutch address. Without a Dutch address it is impossible to register your boat in Holland. We have efficiently solved this issue. We offer you a Dutch address at no extra costs. Now international yacht owners can have a Dutch address and enjoy a Dutch boat registration without worries.

How get your Dutch Yacht Registration for EU

The great thing about the dutch yacht registration for EU is really simple. time. The whole registration process is fast and does not take more than 3-5 working days. Just submit all the necessary documents on time. The registration process is as follows:

  1. Sign the registration agreement and the authorization agreement
  2. We will send the signed agreement to the Dutch ministry for you.
  3. Once the Dutch ministry sends us your documents, we will review it to confirm that all of the information is accurate.
  4. We will quickly pass the document along to you through a courier.
  5. The legal requirement is that you renew this registration document every two years. The cost of renewal is €150 in the following 2 years. Dutch Yacht Registration takes care of your registration renewal and will send you the renewal form on time.

Dutch Yacht Registration for EU costs

Dutch Yacht Registration offers the lowest cost of registration of your boat or yacht in all of the European countries. Complete yacht registration process including: supervision, domicile, registration taxes, fees and courier charges.
Fill the application form now and submit it for getting our no-obligation, clear quote. You will hear from us within 24 hours.

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October 22, 2018