Frequently asked questions

I do not have Dutch citizenship. How can I register my Yacht under Dutch Flag?

You do not need to have Dutch citizenship. We have a solution for you. Dutch Boat Registration creates an English Limited company which becomes the owner of your boat on paper and your boat gets registered in the Netherlands.

Do I have the full ownership of the English Limited Company?

Yes, you own the entire company and you are the sole director.

Does my English Limited Company require an administrative office and should pay taxes?

No, this is a company on papers only and is called a “Dormant” company. It needs no bank account and no paying of taxes.

Can Dutch Yacht Registration accept to register a yacht still in the manufacturing process?

Yes, we register a yacht under Dutch flag while it is manufactured if its electric motor or engine is installed and the hull has been given a HIN code or manufacturing code.

Can I build my Boat and Dutch Yacht Registration registers it under the Dutch flag?

Yes, your self-built boat can be registered. Just send us the insurance policy, and proof of your insurance payment with a photocopy of your Passport or national ID. We will complete the registration process for you.

Why is should I register my boat using the Dutch flag?

Registration under the Dutch flag is the most respected and legally accepted registration among all EU countries. A boat with a Dutch flag faces no problems or delays in international harbors. The registration fee of a boat or yacht in the Netherlands is much lower than other EU countries and their flags are also not internationally recognized.

If my yacht is stolen, the registration documents can help me to find my yacht?

Yes, you can get back your yacht. Your boat is registered with the Dutch Ministry of Transport and if you have chosen the inclusive package of Worldwide Registration your boat is registered with the Land Registry also. There is every possibility that the police will recognize your boat especially if it has microdots fixed on it. Microdots are fixed on boats that have Worldwide Registration package.

What are microdots?

Microdots are synthetic discs. These are fixed on a number of objects for easy identification. They also help in finding your yacht from thousands of miles. In case of a theft, these microdots help the authorities to reach to the boat. They are tiny and not visible to anyone but the police and other investigation companies can find them.

Microdots have one more benefit. You can ask your insurance company for a discount on your insurance premium because of Microdots.

Can Dutch Registration hide my boat from some specific organizations or authorities?

Yes, this is possible. Your local authorities cannot find your boat in their local database. And for secrecy at a wider level, you can request us to transfer the ownership of the yacht in someone else’s name for the time being or permanently.

Why is Dutch Yacht Registration fee lower than other countries’ boat registration fees?

We register a huge number of boats each year. That is why keeping our cost low does not affect us. So, we keep focused on proficiency.

Does the Dutch Yacht Registration for EU include registering in the Dutch Land Registry also?

No, the Dutch Yacht Registration for EU does not include registration in Dutch Land registry. But it only registers your boat with the Dutch ministry of transport. You need our Worldwide Registration package for registering your yacht or boat in Dutch land registry.

Is the Worldwide Registration Valid all over the world?

Yes, by registering your yacht in Worldwide Registration your hatch obtains the passport to enter all countries in the world. This package also includes an international tonnage certificate for your boat.

If I register my boat with Dutch Yacht Registration, do I get the certificate that a Dutch harbor is my home-port?

Yes, you are given the certificate that Amsterdam is your home-port.

Do I need to register my boat first in order to get insurance for it?

Yes, most insurance companies in Europe ask for boat registration before applying for insurance.

Does boat registration process face the troubles of bureaucracy in the Netherlands?

No, the Netherlands is a bureaucracy-free country in Europe. The process of boat registration is quick and efficient. The laws and regulations for motor-yachts and sail-boats are only a few. You can sail freely under the Dutch flag.

Is it compulsory to obtain a Netherlands domicile?

Yes, this is compulsory because your boat needs a Dutch address. Domicile is added in the package you obtain at no extra charge. Other boat registration companies do not provide you a mandatory Dutch domicile. A Dutch boat registration without a Dutch domicile is NOT valid. Without a Dutch domicile you may face problems with the harbor authorities and your insurance company. Always make SURE that when you register a boat under Dutch flag a Dutch domicile for you is set in a written agreement and that the domicile agreement is signed by the party providing you the domicile.

Does the Dutch Yacht Registration for EU have restrictions in respect to sailing in sea?

No, Dutch Yacht Registration for EU has no restrictions in respect to seagoing for boats or yachts. There are no restrictions on the number of miles also you are allowed to travel from the coast.

Which documents I need for registering my boat in the Netherlands?

For registering your boat in the Netherlands, you need to provide the documents that prove your identity and ownership of your boat. A sale or purchase bill of the boat or insurance payment document is enough proof of your boat ownership. Get these documents stamped before submitting for boat registration.

What sorts of vessels are registered under the Dutch Yacht Registration for EU?

All different vessels like sail and motor boats, rowing boats, jet-skis, canoes, yachts, etc.

Why Do I need to authorize Dutch Yacht Registration with my signature?

Dutch Yacht Registration must be authorized in written with your signature to start and complete the process of your boat registration. This becomes compulsory for boat owners who do not have Dutch nationality.

Do you register boats owned by a company?

Yes, we do if it is a company in Europe.

Can a commercial vessel obtain a Dutch Yacht Registration for EU?

No, Dutch Yacht Registration for EU is not for commercial vessels. It is only for individually owned boats for hobbyists. Our Worldwide Registration option is for Bareboat Charter vessels. We do not register manned commercial boats, yachts, etc.

Do I need to write the registration number on my boat?

No, this is not needed. Dutch-registered boats do not need this.

Do I need to write the name of home port on my boat?

This is not compulsory but it is appreciated.

Can I cancel my boat registration before the completion of process?

Yes, you can. We charge €150 for the cancellation of a registration in-process.

What length of boat or yacht is allowed with the Dutch Yacht Registration for EU?

There is no prescribed maximum boat length.

What minimal equipment my boat should have to get registered under the Dutch flag?

Here are the minimal equipment requirements of a boat:

  • A life jacket for every individual on board.
  • First-aid kit.
  • A lifebuoy included with light.
  • Nautical equipment.
  • Magnetic compass.
  • Manual depth gauge.
  • Boat horn.
  • Navigation lights.
  • Hammer.
  • Anchor.
  • Bilge bailer or pump
  • Boat hook
  • More than 20m rope
  • Sufficient number of oars
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Waterproof, battery-powered torch
  • Complete sail kit (for sail boats)
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October 22, 2018