Do you have a commercial yacht which you want to sail in international waters, including those outside the EU? If so it will be wise to register the yacht in Belgium. The Belgian registration is valid all over the world and is very easy to obtain.

Our initial fee is as little as €0, excl. VAT! The annual recurring fee is only €0, excl. VAT.

This registration is available for all yachts with a maximum length of 23.99 meters and that will hold 12 people maximum.

What are the benefits of having our company registering your yacht in Belgium?

  • Valid worldwide.
  • The ideal registration for bareboat charter yachts.
  • You can register your commercial / charter yacht without being a resident of Belgium. We will represent you!
  • We will organise the Belgian registration for your yacht within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Few requirements in terms of safety equipment.
  • Free choice for a home port. Every European port will be accepted as a home port for your yacht.
  • Virtually every insurance company accepts registration in Belgium.
  • Renewal only required after 5 years.

How much tax do I pay when I register my yacht in Belgium?

When registering your yacht in Belgium, the only tax you will pay is a once-off registration tax. You will pay this directly to the Belgian Ministry of Finance when you register your yacht. The age of your yacht will determine the amount.

Age of the yacht Amount
<1 2578,00 Euro
> 1 2230,20 Euro
> 2 1982,40 Euro
> 3 1734,60 Euro
> 4 1486.80 Euro
> 5 1239,00 Euro
> 6 991,20 Euro
> 7 743,40 Euro
> 8 495,60 Euro
> 9 247,80 Euro
> 10 61,50 Euro

Will my commercial / charter yacht be subjected to an inspection?

Yes, when you register your commercial / charter yacht it will be inspected by a Belgian inspector. The once-off inspection fee depends on the distance to Belgium. The average one-off inspection fee is approximately € 1,000.

The fee will be cheaper when the yacht is anchored closer to Belgium and vice versa.

The fee for an inspection in Belgium is including VAT. After the inspection you will receive the “Certificate of Validity” and the “International Commercial Yacht Registration certificate”.

Registering my yacht in Belgium: which documents will be required?

  1. Your passport or ID card
  2. Proof of your formal home address. This should be an excerpt of the municipal administration.
  3. A copy of your certificate of ownership for the yacht (invoice, sales receipt, bill of sale or notarial document).
  4. When the yacht is owned by a company, we will require the company documentation as well as a scan of the passport / ID card of the statutory director.
  5. Proof of termination of your previous registration. (If applicable)
  6. Several pictures: the sides of the yacht, the HIN number and the CE plate of your yacht. We also require a picture of the serial number of the engines.
  7. A scan of the CE certificate of your yacht.
  8. A signed power of attorney. (We will provide you with a form)
  9. Did you import your yacht? In that case we will require an EC declaration and / or a payment certificate for the European tax.
  10. Did you build your yacht yourself? In that case you will need to submit invoices for the main elements of your yacht such as the mast, engines, hull, etc. You are also required to submit an insurance report and a signed declaration that you are the actual builder of the yacht.

Please note that ALL documents must be present to complete the Belgian registration procedure.

It is important that the owner of the yacht holds an EU passport / ID card. In case the yacht is owned by a company, this company should be an EU company.

In case the owner of the yacht is not an EU citizen or EU registered company, we will first establish a British Limited company which will become the owner of the yacht. You will be the sole shareholder / director of this new company.

Belgian yacht registration

A globally accepted commercial registration for your yacht is much easier to obtain in Belgium than it is in any other country of the EU. The main advantage of the commercial yacht registration procedure in Belgium is that the registration procedure requires little time. Within approximately 2-3 weeks your international commercial registration will be arranged and you will be allowed to generate an income with your yacht all over the world!

Register your commercial / charter yacht in Belgium immediately

Start the Belgian registration process for your commercial charter yacht immediately! When using our company you will use the most experienced market leader in the yacht registration industry. Nobody else except us how your yacht registration can be arranged as quickly and accurately as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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July 12, 2018